installer update

The Swan Setup executable has been updated to install swan-desktop without the extra spm -i swan-desktop step. This does not affect existing users at all.

spm is Swan’s package manager which wraps the Cygwin setup executable. Take a look at its abilites with spm -h.


new package: swan-zsh

Run Swan with Z-shell as your default shell. Up to you to customize!

install it with the command spm -i swan-zsh


xfce4-terminal has been updated to 0.8.4, which uses GTK3

Run spm -u to update to the latest xfce4-terminal.


Cygwinports has been discontinued, most packages having been moved to the main Cygwin repository. As a result, an important update to the package manager, and the SwanSetup program was required.

Run spm -u to update to the latest swan-base.

fish shell

It is possible to use the fish shell with Swan!

First install the package with the command spm -i fish,

Then add the line exec fish to your ~/.bashrc file.

That is it! Swan and fish playing nice together.