package management

The swan-base package includes the spm command, which is a wrapper for the Cygwin setup.exe installer. The spm command aims to make package managment easier, while maintaining compatibility with the Cygwin project.

Here are some example usages:

spm -u Updates all installed packages. WARNING: may kill running processes to update binaries.
spm -S Searches available package names/descriptions. Accepts regex.
spm -m Lists dependencies of package(s) that are not installed (yet).
spm -i Installs packages. Multiple packages are separated by spaces.
spm -t Lists top-level packages that are not needed by any other package.
spm -s Searches installed package names. Accepts regex.
spm -r Removes packages, but not the dependencies.
spm -R Removes packages, and dependencies. Leaves dependencies needed by other packages.

There are more options available, use spm -h to get a full listing.