fish shell

It is possible to use the fish shell with Swan!

First install the package with the command spm -i fish,

Then add the line exec fish to your ~/.bashrc file.

That is it! Swan and fish playing nice together.

project renaming

The project has been renamed to ‘Swan’ as a hat-tip to Cygnus Solutions, the original creators of Cygwin.

Preexisting users of the “lux” packages can upgrade their existing systems with spm -u and the new packages will be installed. Afterward, you may remove the “lux” packages with spm -r if you want.

feature requests

Add your feature requests and bug reports to the swan-desktop issues page. Merge requests are welcome too!

package management

The swan-base package includes the spm command, which is a wrapper for the Cygwin setup.exe installer. The spm command aims to make package managment easier, while maintaining compatibility with the Cygwin project.

Here are some example usages:

spm -u Updates all installed packages. WARNING: may kill running processes to update binaries.
spm -S Searches available package names/descriptions. Accepts regex.
spm -m Lists dependencies of package(s) that are not installed (yet).
spm -i Installs packages. Multiple packages are separated by spaces.
spm -t Lists top-level packages that are not needed by any other package.
spm -s Searches installed package names. Accepts regex.
spm -r Removes packages, but not the dependencies.
spm -R Removes packages, and dependencies. Leaves dependencies needed by other packages.

There are more options available, use spm -h to get a full listing.

swan project

This is the public launch of the Swan project, which aims to provide a Linux-like desktop environment on Microsoft Windows. Currently, the project consists of:

  • A windows executable to automate the installation of Cygwin, and a minimal set of packages for a sensible command-line environment
    • Also supports using a preexisting Cygwin installation
  • A Cygwin mirror containing Starlight-specific packages
    • swan-base: the minimal command-line base package
      • includes spm a Cygwin setup wrapper and package manager
    • swan-desktop: the graphical desktop base package
    • swan-desktop-audio: optional package for pulseaudio support
    • Xfce 4.12 libraries
    • Git credential helpers
  • A set of Github repositories for package build scripts, and source code